“Eat food, not too much, mostly plants.”  Food Writer Michael Pollan.  

I agree with this approach 100% and can help you with food that adheres to this philosophy. It’s very simple to eat healthy and getting guidance is the key.  

Daily Movement (Exercise) :

Incorporating movement into your daily life work routine and realizing that it isn’t necessary for you to go to the gym to get or stay in shape.  It is the small things you do consistently on a daily basis will make the biggest changes to you overall fitness.  I can help you meet your fitness goals while also incorporating routines into your day.

Lifestyle :

The most important decision you can make is the choice to live a life based on overall health and wellness all day, every day, 24/7.   These choices should focus on some of the following areas since everything we do is interrelated and impacts our overall health and wellness.


  • Sleep: one of the biggest contributors to overall health
  • Nutrition: what we put into our mouths on a daily basis makes up 70% of who we are
  • Movement: the more you move the healthier you will be. Simple
  • Relationship: Being connected to family and friends is critical for overall wellness

Mindset :

Acquiring the “Mindset” to make positive change in all areas of your life and continually build on these changes is a key to living a happier higher performing life.  Without “mindset” or “desire for change” nothing changes. Acquiring this mindset is a process and includes:


  • Creating daily routines or habits that enable a healthier overall lifestyle.
  • Creating systems or an environment that allow for easier formation of routines or habits is the key for sustainability

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